Crazy Maze

Are you crazy about playing scary maze games? Do you want to make your buddies scared today? If yes, then you should play the Crazy Maze online game. You can challenge your pals to play the final stages of the game. The last stages of the game are extremely engrossing and scary. So, your pals are surely going to have a great time while playing it!

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The game is perfect for kids of all ages, with the exception of those who get nightmares by watching scary stuff. It is a perfect game to test your levels of patience and concentration. Also, the eyes and hands harmonization can be tested easily with the game. It is a fun game and can be played during short breaks. The entire game can be completed within a few minutes. So, get ready for some adventurous fun time!


All you need to do is to guide the blue colored point through the maze. It can be done with the help of your mouse. Just keep moving the blue point and ensure that it does not touch the boundaries of the maze. The maze is of different shapes and sizes. Some of them are extremely narrow and you will have to play the game with a lot of patience and concentration.

>> Play Crazy Maze <<


Your goal should be to reach the red box carefully in all four levels of the game. The first two levels of the game are simple, but the rest of them are the most exciting ones. Once you complete these levels you will even get the chance to play the bonus level. If you touch the wall of the maze then you will have to play the entire game again from the beginning. So, you need to be extra cautious while playing the final stages of the game. Try to beat all levels of the game and have fun!