Scary Bubble Wrap

Do you enjoy popping the bubble wrap that is covered to a parcel? That is the most enjoyable thing that kids do when a package comes home! Keeping the enjoyment of kids in mind, the Scary Bubble Wrap game has been created. However, as the name suggests, there is a scary part in the game too!

>> Play Scary Bubble Wrap <<


Your main motive in the game is to click the bubbles with your mouse to burst them. Once you pop all the bubbles, you will reach the new level of the game. The game is mouse-based and you just need to point and click the bubbles. It is a perfect game for kids of all ages. However, children who get scared of creepy stuff should avoid playing the game as they might get terrified.

>> Play Scary Bubble Wrap <<


It is a very short game and can be completed within a few minutes. So, anyone can enjoy the game during short breaks. It can even be played to prank your friends and make them scared. However, don’t forget to make them put the headphones with full volume. Just challenge them to burst all bubbles within a minute, and watch them getting scared. You are surely going to have a great time!