Scary Maze Game 1

The Scary Maze Game 1 is the finest game to prank your pals. You can challenge your friends to make them clear the last level and once they clear it, they will get the shock of their lives. The last level is the scariest part of the game. So, it is the best way to make them get scared.

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The game involves 4 levels and all of them are quite engrossing. However, nothing can beat the final stage of the game! To reach the final level, you need to be very careful. The game requires a lot of concentration and patience. It is a mouse-based game and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. However, ensure that the kid is brave enough to handle the scary part of the game.

Your main mission in the game is to guide the blue square through the maze without touching the walls. If you hit the wall even once, you will have to start the entire game again. You need to make sure that the blue square reaches its goal without hitting the boundaries of the maze. This will enable you to reach the final stage of the game quickly.


As you keep progressing in the game, the maze will get narrower and tougher. You will require a lot of concentration to reach the goal. The third and the fourth level are the toughest, which is impossible to cross in the first shot. This makes the entire game an engrossing one for kids.

>> Play Scary Maze Game 1 <<


The game is loaded with a lot of excitement and fun. It can be enjoyed by the entire family, and ends up making the family spend some leisure time together. So, if you are into something scary and crazy today, then you must play this game right away. Have fun!