Scary Maze Game 3

The Scary Maze Game 3 is another interesting sequel of the Scary Maze Game series. In this game, you need to make the mouse reach the piece of cheese without touching the boundaries of the maze. You begin playing the game by clicking the mouse with your cursor. The controls of the game are simple as they are mouse-based. So, kids can play the game easily.

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It is a perfect game for all age groups. However, the last stage of the game is a scary one, so let your little one play the game only if he does not get scared of similar online games. Mostly, kids challenge their friends to clear the last level of the game. They just want to play a prank on them and enjoy the entire situation.

Here are some important rules that you should follow while playing the game:

  • You need to reach the goal, which is the cheese in this game without touching the walls of the path.
  • Move the mouse carefully as a single hit on the wall will make you reach at the beginning of the game.
  • There are five levels in the game and after completing all these stages, you will get a bonus level to play.
  • The bonus level or the final one is the most engrossing and entertaining stage, so try to reach there as quickly as possible.
  • As you reach the new stages of the game, the maze will get narrower. Thus, you will require a lot of patience and concentration to solve the final levels of the game. It may be difficult to solve them at one shot!

>> Play Scary Maze Game 3 <<


The game is a testing point for your child’s level of patience and skills. It will also test the synchronization of his eyes and hands. So, have fun while playing the Scary Maze Game 3 right away!