Scary Maze Game 2

Do you like playing short and sweet online games? And, do you want to play a prank on your friends or family? Then, the Scary Maze Game 2 will be the best game for you. It is an interesting game to check your level of skill and patience. Also, the game is perfect for testing the child’s hand and eye co-ordination and concentration skills.

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The graphics of the game are simple. It has a backdrop picture of a forest-like image behind each maze. However, the graphics for the bonus level is different. The music of the game will keep you engrossed in the game so don’t forget to put on your headphones. Controlling the game is extremely simple. It is a mouse-based game so that kids can play it without any difficulties.

Before you begin playing the game, here are some rules that you need to follow so that you reach new levels quickly:

  • Your main objective in this game is to try and reach the goal without touching the wall.
  • The red ball has to be rolled through the maze so that it reaches the goal and you complete each level.
  • There are five levels to play and enjoy in the game. Once you clear all these levels, you will get an opportunity to play the special bonus level.
  • The corridor of the game is very narrow. So, you need to play the game with a lot of patience from start to the end. Otherwise, you will end up failing in the task.

>> Play Scary Maze Game 2 <<



This challenging game is extremely easy to play and is perfect for kids. If you get the knack of playing it, then you will be able to complete the five levels quickly. Your mission in this game is to roll the red ball in various shapes of corridors like square, circle, rectangle, etc. However, you need to be very careful in rolling the ball so that it does not touch the wall. Once it touches the walls, you will have to restart the game from the very beginning.

The bonus round or level of the game is surely going to make you scared. If scary games give you nightmares, then this game is not advisable for you to play. However, most of the kids play the game to scare their friends or family members and have fun. So, enjoy yourself while playing the Scary Maze Game 2!