The Maze

Developed by Jeremy Winterrowd, The Maze game is a popular scare prank that is mostly played by kids to scare their friends or family members. It is a flash-based puzzle game, which requires a high level of concentration. In this game, you need to move the dot to its goal without touching the walls of the maze. There are several levels in the game, among which the latter levels are the most interesting and scary ones.

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The game can be enjoyed by all, but it is advisable that kids who get scared of horror films or ghastly-looking people should avoid playing it. The game is fun to play and once you make it to level 4, you will notice strange things appearing on the screen.

The game can be controlled with the help of your mouse. You need to be careful while playing it as the maze in some of the levels is extremely narrow. So, without touching the walls, you need to reach your goal. For that you will require a lot of concentration and patience. However, as you reach the final levels of the game, be prepared to see strange things happening in it. So, have fun while playing the scary maze game!

>> Play The Maze <<